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So many times….

It is crazy how many fantasies I have about being purchased and owned by a married couple as a gift for the husbands wife.
I would love to be a lesbian slave…a play thing for his wife. She would always have a toy for her and her friends to play with while her husband is at work. She would dress me up and prepare me everyday.
Some days, I would only be her toy…she would shove all kinds of toys and objects in my holes. Tie me up in all kinds of fun positions to punish me. I could serve her in anyway she wants.
Other days she would call her other trophy wife friends to come over and play with her toy. I would be made to cum over and over as I am forced to satisfy her friends all day long.
I would be completely at her mercy. I dream if this being my life everyday for the rest of my life. I know this is a job I would be very good at….my pussy gets so juicy every time I think about it.

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